Training Tips


Training Tips

Video Playlists

Videos to help you and your dog get started on the right paw.

New Client Playlist

New to Compassionate Canine Training? Start here!
We’ve put the basics that you need to know together in this video playlist to help you maximize your time and give you a jump start in your class or lessons!

Polite Puppy Help

Having a new puppy can be overwhelming. These videos guide you through the games we play in class — from puppy misbehavior to a basic “sit!” They’ll teach your to make all his desires (and yours) come true! 

Mannerly Mutt Help

The world has gotten more stimulating for your pup at this age. The videos included here will help to teach them that when life is exciting, they can engage with the world, but that making good choices is the way to have access to all things (within reason)!

Tenacious Teen Help

New problems often creep up as our pups mature. The goal is to keep your dog training on the right track as your puppy become an adolescent. The videos included here will assist with new, persistent, or reoccurring problems you may encounter at this time of life.

Muzzle Training & Behavior Transformation Help

Muzzle training can be lifesaving!

Dogs who have a hard time when faced with something scary or threatening often overreact to their surroundings.  Muzzles when taught well, help parent relax, dogs remain calm and veterinary staff safe. The videos included here will help you teach your dog to wear a muzzle happily and to apply all the techniques from class to transform your dog’s over reactive behaviors.

Additional resources

Articles, Videos, and More from sources We Trust.

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

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Canine Enrichment Facebook Group

Cooperative Care

(Nail trims, grooming, teeth brushing)

Dogs and Babies