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PrimeMyPet contains an easily digestible full-spectrum hemp extract that supports states of calm, body function balance, and provides relief for the physical and emotional distresses that can affect the happiness of your pet companion.

PrimeMyPet Helps to Support
•   Joint Health Maintenance & Mobility
•   Aging Wellness
•   Cardiac & Circulatory Regulation
•   Digestion Improvement
•   Reduction of Inflammatory Markers
•   Relief from Anxiety & Skittishness
•   Distress and Inflammation
•   Easing of Nausea
•   Calming of Hot Spots & Skin Irritations

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Social Civil and Saavy, Laura VanArendonk-Baugh

Bones Would Rain from the Sky, Suzanne Clothier

Don’t Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor

NuVet® products are made in a FDA registered laboratory with natural ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits.

Our team of pet industry scientists, veterinarians, and medical specialists created NuVet Plus® to be a high-quality supplement that incorporates a precise formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and more. NuVet Plus® brings together vital ingredients that perform synergistically to help improve your pet’s health and keep them healthy. Our supplement is made using Natural ingredients that are formulated in a FDA Registered Facility using CGMP standards.

NuVet Plus® ingredients and nutrients are compounded to maintain their integrity and bio-digestibility for complete cellular infusion. We use special “paddle dried,” whole chicken liver that provides vitamin potency, as well as a taste your pet will love. Please view our full Ingredient List and descriptions to understand how these essential elements can help your pet get started on a path to optimal health as well as help them maintain a quality life full of vigor, vitality, comfort, and energy.

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Compassionate Canine focuses on using positive (R+) training to solve the real frustrations of families who live with the training challenges of daily life distractions. 

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