Suggested Products

Tools to Help Your Training Journey

Basic Training Tools:

“Clicker” push button, includes wrist bands – 2 pk

“Clicker” box clicker – 2 pk     

6′ Cotton Leash  other options below

Treat Pouch basic, Most reasonable price, less convenient/durable

Treat Pouch, upgraded Reasonable and durable

Treat Pouch, “snap close” my favorite, durable and great for a smarty pup who sticks his head in pouch. 


Balance Harness by Blue-9  My FAVORITE – fully adjustable, sturdy, with front and back clip

Ruff Wear over the head harness  Hand shy/fearful dogs, may need more help “liking” this harness

Chewy Bones and other stuff: 

Pet Stages “Dogwood” Chew great for dogs who love woodchips, chair legs & sticks

Tug, Treat and Teething Toy

Nylabone Teething Dinosaurs

Plush Squeeker more durable than most

Flirt Pole great for dogs who like to hunt, tug and chase

Close up shot of a Cairn Terrier looking to the right on a grassy lawn.
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