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To adhere to the Covid-19 pandemic local, state and federal guidelines, we have transitioned our class format to online/virtual training sessions.

We utilize a user friendly system to provide you dog training that is almost identical to private in-home sessions. As always we are here to help you and your family


Behavior Transformation

Fear & Aggression / Separation Anxiety



Behavior Transformation

Fear & Aggression / Separation Anxiety


These courses are tailored to over-reactive dogs & their families. Classes are designed to help you understand, and your dog overcome their frustrating/dangerous behaviors. They focus on teaching how we can transform reactive behaviors into more appropriate choices. We also teach the owners what to do to manage situations when behaviors occur.

We will focus on safety, management and foundation skills to transform the unwanted behavior so that your dogs’ emotional response is changed.

Virtual training via Zoom

Behavior Transformation

$ 475.00

Our most comprehensive package, This program is built for dogs that are struggling with fear and aggression.  

This program includes:

  • Seven, 50 minute, Virtual In-Home sessions via Zoom.
  • Exclusive Client FaceBook training support group.
  • Video of each class for your review.
  • Unlimited “Ask the Trainer” phone consultations.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • D.I.Y. Enrichment for Dogs E-Book.

Why Try B.A.T.?



BAT Empowers Dogs to choose calm behavior over undesired reactivity.

For example, instead of barking and lunging, BAT dogs can proactively choose to engage in a calm behavior, allowing them and their handler the opportunity to adjust to a “trigger” that was once causing fear, frustration or aggression.


BAT Builds Confidence and Reduces Excitement.

An animal that has greater control of its environment (i.e. behavior is effective) is less likely to be anxious, fearful, or over-the-top excited, resulting in less reactivity as well as the development of calm and confident behavior.


BAT Builds Communication and Trust.

When the communication channel between the animal and its handler is clear and accurate, the relationship may then develop greater trust. BAT teaches people how to better understand a dog’s body language, most especially before, during, and after the dog calmly experiences a “trigger.”  The goal is to empower the animal and handler to remain active in the calm, stress-free behavior vs. becoming reactive in the undesirable behavior.


BAT Reduces Stress.

In a properly executed BAT training session, the animal exhibits little to no distress during the BAT experience. The absence of distress is a critical component to BAT.


BAT has a Fast Learning Curve.

It works with an animal’s natural repertoire of desirable behaviors, and does not require much pre-training for the human to begin the rehabilitation process for both them and their dog.

“Compassionate is a perfect description of Kelly. We have a rescue dog who suffers from extreme anxiety and destructive behaviors. We were pretty much at our wit’s end when our vet suggested Kelly. We saw a difference after the first session and, while we’re still a work in progress, the change in our dog Skyler over the past few weeks has been remarkable.”

—Marianne O.

About Compassionate Canine Training

Compassionate Canine focuses on using positive (R+) training to solve the real frustrations of families who live with the training challenges of daily life distractions. 

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