Who is Kelly Keeney?


Who is Kelly Keeney?

Kelly grew up rolling around with puppies and was always the one looking under the rocks for “cool bugs.” Life’s journey provided adventures as a Chef and mortgage processor, but when she met her dog Bodhi in 2006, she was returned to her first love: working with animals. Her dogs Bodhi, Tara and her cat Grace have allowed her to apply training on a personal level.  She is now eager to share this with her new dog Jampa, and excited to see what he will teach her in return!

Starting Compassionate Canine is the realization of a lifetime of being in connection with animals. Kelly’s focus when opening Compassionate Canine Training was to utilize positive reinforcement (R+) training to solve the frustrations of families living with challenges of daily distractions.

Working with you  in your home, yard and neighborhood,, she is able to train your dog in the things most important for YOU.  Together, we will cover all the basics of obedience training while focusing on your specific behavioral concerns. In this way Kelly creates a plan for you to a deeper relationship between your dog and your family and friends..

By engaging the family in the training process, Kelly has found that owners end up learning as much, if not more than their pets.

Call to find out more about Kelly’s organic approach to training and how she can absolutely teach your old (or young) dog some amazing new tricks for life.

Training Method
  • Yes” based training that focus on what you WANT, instead of what you don’t want, using Positive Reinforcement (R+) methods.
  • No choke, prong, shock collars or dominance-based training will be utilized.
Training Tools
  • Harnesses or flat collars, leashes, treats/toys.
  • Science of behavior and learning theory in animals.
  • Clear communication between owner and dog.

Training Background
  • Mentor Trainer Victoria Stilwell Academy since 2017
  • Evaluator with Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs Inc. since 2016
  • Certified Training Instructor – CBATI since 2015
  • CPDT-KA trainer since 2014
  • Registered AKC Evaluator since 2010
  • Red Cross Pet CPR and First Aid – Certified since 2007
  • Mentorship with local trainer from 2006-2009
Continuing Education
  • 4-Day Trainers Workshop, Suzanne Clother 2018
  • Clicker Expo 2017, 2015
  • Building Resilience in Dogs, Dr. Patricia McConnell
  • Beyond Food – Premack’s Principle, Kathy Sdao
  • Teamwork, Building Cooperation with your Dog, Grisha Stewart

Education is not Required…

But I believe it should be!

Each person and dog I have ever worked with has taught me something. In return, I believe that it is my duty to continue my education to best serve the families who come to me for assistance. Please remember to interview your dog trainer before you entrust your four-legged family member to them.

As Albert Einstein said, “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Hours CEUs

Years Experience

“I have worked with Kelly for all three of my dogs training. Our dogs have excelled at hunting in the field and being calm family dogs too. Kelly stays at the forefront of her industry through education and so we have been able to witness the evolution in Kelly as a teacher. With each dog we train, we learn more and the dogs learn even faster how to work / play with a passion and relax with us as family dogs as well.”

— Carl Chimenti, Gone Huntin’ Farm