Why choose Compassionate Canine Training for your dog training needs?

All dog owners have struggled with jumping, nipping or out of control dog at some point.  At Compassionate Canine, we transform your dog’s behavior and lower your frustrations. Together, we create a happy, responsive dog that you will be proud to show off everywhere.


Keep your dogs personality but lose the misbehavior.


Have the family dog you have always dreamed of.


Focused on your frustrations, not my expectations.

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How I Will Help You

Whether you’re looking to train your new puppy the correct behaviors from the beginning, or have a dog an older dog that has developed frustrating bad habits, we can help!

Distance Dog Training

Virtually the same as our private in-home training.

These classes consist of private training sessions with a certified dog trainer.   First we will complete a free phone consultation so we can meet and discuss what your training goals are for your dogs behavior. 

Obedience Training

In-Home Private Training programs that are focused on YOUR frustrations.    The basics and so much more! Choose from the  Perfect Pup, Mannerly Mutt or Good Dog Program.

Behavior Transformation

Training for dogs who struggle with fear, aggression & reactivity issues.

Let us help you select the correct class for your pups individual needs.

Pet Therapy Classes

If you are interested in serving the community as a pet therapy team. You have come to the right place

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My Training Certifications

Education is NOT required for dog trainers… But I believe it should be.

Whether you choose Compassionate Canine Training or not, be sure to interview your trainer and ask about of the following categories.


Training Method

  • Yes” based training that focus on what you WANT, instead of what you don’t want, using Positive Reinforcement (R+) methods.
  • No choke, prong or shock collars used and no dominance-based techniques.

Training tools

  • Harnesses or flat collars, leashes, treats/toys.
  • Clear communication between owner and dog.


Training Background

  • Mentor Trainer Victoria Stilwell Academy since 2017
  • Evaluator with Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs Inc. since 2016
  • Certified B.A.T. Instructor – CBATI since 2015
  • CPDT-KA  trainer since 2014
  • Registered AKC Evaluator since 2010
  • Red Cross Pet CPR and First Aid – Certified since 2007
  • Mentorship with local trainer from 2006-2009

Continuing Education

  • Trainers Growth Group Weekend, 2020
  • Suzanne Clothiers Trainers Workshop 2018
  • Clicker Expo 2017, 2015
  • Building Resilience in Dogs, Dr. Patricia McConnell
  • Beyond Food – Premack’s Principle, Kathy Sdao
  • Teamwork, Building Cooperation with your Dog, Grisha Stewart


Kelly Keeney

When Kelly started Compassionate Canine her focus was on using  positive (R+) training to solve the real frustrations of families who live with the training challenges of daily life distractions.

Working with you in her training center or in your home, we are able to train your dog to do the things most important for YOU. We will cover all the basics of obedience training, focusing on your specific behavioral concerns. In this way Kelly creates a plan for you to find a reliable path to better enjoyment of your dog’s company.

By engaging the family in the training process, Kelly has found that owners end up learning as much, if not more than their pets.

Photo Credit: Joseph Heisler

What My Clients Have to Say

Client Testimonials

Kelly is fantastic!! Her innate understanding of these incredible animals is so helpful in training us to train them. What a great experience we have had, it has really made us enjoy our 6 month old pup so much more!!
Janine M.

Kelly is the absolute best! I own a rescue in South Carolina, most of my puppies go up to the jersey shore area and I always recommend Kelly!
Laura B.

Laura's Roadside Rescue

I have worked with Kelly for all three of my dogs training.  Our dogs have excelled at hunting in the field and being calm family dogs too.  Kelly stays at the forefront of her industry through education and so we have been able to witness the evolution in Kelly as a teacher.  With each dog we train, we learn more and the dogs learn even faster how to work / play with a passion and relax with us as family dogs as well.
Carl Chimenti

Gone Huntin' Farm